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Facebook - This is the good one. I say funny, snarky stuff here. I talk smack all day long.

More Facebook - This one isn't as funny, this is my "professional" one.

Instagram - I try to take beautiful pictures and fail, so I mostly take pictures of books I'm reading.

Twitter - Tweet, tweet. I'm too wordy for the Twitter, so use it to talk politics and yell at companies that cross me.

Pinterest - I pin a lot of food and crafts that I'll never make, work outs I'll never do, and pants I'll never wear. I also pin tons of writing advice here if you're looking for that sorta thing.

LinkedIn - I started writing and thought I'd never need another resume again. But imagine my surprise when I found people who wanted to work with me! So, now I do a lot of work with brands and advertising agencies. Sooo much better than fetching coffee for The Man.

You have something you want to say? Email me at jenthroatpunch at

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Jen Mann
7111 W. 151st St., #378
Overland Park, KS 66223


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