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Schools Are My Favorite

That bag was full of books!
I started writing when I was 5 years old and I was that kid who looooooved having authors visit my school. I wanted to know EVERYTHING!!! Now I'm able to share my knowledge and experience with young writers and it is truly my favorite thing to do.

Author visits are invaluable for schools and for students. Author visits foster a love of reading and learning.

Here are just a few classes that I offer:

I Want to Be an Author, But How? -- This course covers the whole writing and publishing process from coming up with your idea, building your book, and then deciding which publishing path is right for you.

Storytelling -- If you're a good storyteller, you'll be a good writer. What makes a good story? How do you keep you audience engaged and entertained. How do you know what's working and what's not? Everyone has a story tell, learn how to tell yours.

Find Your Voice -- Sometimes it feels like there are only 10 stories out there and so they've all "been done." What makes a story stand out from all the others is the voice. No one can tell the story the way you can tell the story. No one has your unique voice, you just need to figure out how to unlock your voice.

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? -- For many young writers, finding the ideas for their books are sometimes the hardest part of writing. We will explore ways to generate more ideas through journaling, creative exercises, brainstorming, and more.

Is It Funny Yet? -- Learn how to infuse your writing with humor. Laughing readers turn the page!

This is just a small example of what I can do, if you have specific ideas, please email me and let's chat!

These classes are all 45 minutes long and are designed for grades 6 and up.


Local: One session - $400 + travel expenses
           Two sessions - $600 + travel expenses
           Up to four assemblies - $1000 + travel expenses

All students would receive a signed book mark. Book signings are included with all of these events. Schools are encouraged to send home a flyer at least two weeks prior to event. Books will need to be purchased from me in advance. I always donate a free copy of my entire collection as well as 10% of book sale proceeds back to the host school library.

I am located in the Kansas City metro and I consider "local" visits to be less than 60 miles from Kansas City, Mo. Anything further than that will need to be considered on an individual basis, please email me for more details.


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