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I Just Want to Hang Out With You - Signed Copy

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Read the seventh book in the New York Times bestselling I Just Want to Pee Alone series!

Remember when we thought motherhood was hard when the kids were little? Ha! Now we realize it's damn near impossible when they're teenagers! The days of potty-training, bubble-wrapping every sharp corner, and begging for a freaking minute to pee alone are long behind us. We don't read bedtime stories or sing lullabies to our children anymore. Instead, we're communicating via TikTok videos and tracking them on their cellphones every time they leave the house. We lose sleep wondering if we've done enough or overdone it.

There was a time when we longed to be left alone and now we can't get our teenagers to spend any time with us. When we're not begging or bribing them to hang out, we're banning them from leaving the house just so we can have some "family time" together.

Raising teens is not for the faint of heart but it's still a wild and terrific ride. For all the angst and drama teenagers cause, they're also smart, hilarious, and fun to be around (if they let you hang out with them).

Enjoy stories like:

◆ The 100% Absolutely True Story of How My Kid Accidentally Joined a Cartel

◆ The Joy of Knowing Middle School Doesn't Matter

◆ Let's Talk About Sex

◆ A Camel, Some Straws, and Your College-Bound Teen

Motherhood never gets easier and you're going to laugh or cry. Why not do both?

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